How Much Does it Cost to Have A Website Designed


What does a website cost?

You wont find many designers who will have set prices for website design and there is a good reason for that. 

Each project is so different with so many different options that the designer can use that most designers (including myself) want to give you the best price but also the best options for your project. In order to determine this, we need to look at each project individually and quote on the job.

Speaking from a my business, as a rule of thumb, a website design will usually cost between £500 & £2000 depending on what is required. Start-up businesses will usually have a limited cashflow which is why I also offer monthly payment options to spread the cost as it is in my interest too that your website is successful and in turn, your business.

Why hire a designer when you can build a website yourself?

There are many platforms out there such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress etc. that let you build your website on a template. These are very good services and I use Squarespace for a lot of my smaller projects. I would encourage you all to have a go at building a website as even if you don’t get exactly what you are after, you will have learnt a lot more about websites than you knew before.

When you hire a designer, you are asking somebody to design your website. They may use a template based platform to keep the costs down, however, they will use a lot of design skills to maximise your conversion rate. Things like colour psychology to reflect the feeling that best suits your type of customer, complimentary colours for ‘Calls to Action‘, fonts that suit the brand, placing of key information and ensuring that you are giving the information in various forms to cater for the different types of customer. They will also ensure that your website is responsive to all devices and that there is a consistent flow to the site. These are just some the reasons that you hire web designers such as myself. We haven’t even talked about the image selections, infographics and manipulation of these.


There is a lot more to designing a website than just placing elements onto a template but by offering plans like monthly payments to help with start-ups, I hope that more people are able to have their sites professionally designed and stand out online.

If you would like to find out more about the monthly payment schemes or just want a free quote for a design, please get in touch.

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