Why I was surprised by Social Quant Twitter Growth Tool


I had previously tried a free trial of one of these services promising to get ‘Real’ ‘Quality’ Twitter followers for your business account and I must say that I was not really satisfied with the results. That is until I signed up with SocialQuant.net.

They popped up in my Twitter feed as a sponsored post offering a 14 day trial of their services. They again promised quality followers but by using keywords. With my previous service they used competitors.


I am a sucker for a free trial so I signed up. This was easy enough and I was greeted with a friendly video and a promise that things would start happening in 48 hours. I was asked to give around 20 keywords that can be monitored and altered at any time.

48 hours went by and I had a few promising emails but not much happened on my Twitter account but I gave it chance.

On the third day, I started to gain a few more followers. It wasn’t a huge amount but the people who were following were actually engaging with me. Sending me messages (not the automated ones) and retweeting etc. I actually started to get some business through twitter!

“I actually started to get business through Twitter!!”

I am now on day 11 of my trial and my dashboard (which is a very useful Social Quant tool) looks like this:

Social Quant   Customer Dashboard

I am able to login and view this information and also analyse which keywords are converting and change them.

21% increase in followers is not bad at all but I am more impressed with the quality. The followers are genuinely interested in what I have to say and I am also interested in their posts. Exactly what Twitter should be but with minimal work.

The cost of Social Quant is the only barrier for me at the moment. Their current rates are $50 per month which is a big ask for a small business but seeing as it is generating clients for my web designs it is probably going to be worth it.

In summary, this is the best Twitter growth tool I have found and with a 14 day free trial you have no excuse but to try it.

“the best Twitter growth tool I have found”

Sign up to Social Quant on their website and give it a go!


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