Top Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers 2016


I am a big fan of Chrome and I now find that I could not live without some of these extensions for my web design projects. Here are the ones that I have currently got installed:

1 – Page Ruler

page ruler extension

A very simple but essential tool which allows you to measure any aspect on your screen. This extension is particularly useful for sizing buttons and images when designing a website.

2 – Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot  Screen capture  Annotate   Chrome Web Store

I looked at a few different options for screen capture but this one is by far the best. It gives you various options for the capture such as; whole page, visible section, selection and you can even delay the shot if you want to capture a hover effect etc. You can also add captions and drawings to the screenshot before downloading.

3 – Colorzilla

ColorZilla   Chrome Web Store

Again, I use this on a daily basis. A simple tool for picking out a colour code of any color on your screen. Perfect for matching branding colours for websites

4 – Mozbar

MozBar   Chrome Web Store

This is a useful tool for bloggers. It allows you to see the domain authority for any website you are viewing without having to do anything. It will also show the moz statistics on your google search results so you can see which sites to target.

5 – Image Downloader

Image Downloader   Chrome Web Store

If you are re-designing a website and working off a clients old website then this extension comes in really handy. It allows you to download all of the image files off the page which you can then save in a folder. Brilliant time saver!

6 – Squarespace Block Identifier

Squarespace Collection Block Identifier   Chrome Web Store

If you work with Squarespace a lot like myself then you will find this tool very useful. It allows you to see the block I.D.’s when viewing a Squarespace site. This makes adding custom css a lot easier!

These are my daily go to app’s but what would you add to this list?

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