How to use a custom share button on your Squarespace site


I was getting frustrated by the same old facebook and twitter share buttons and most of the tools out there are either very standardised or complicated. I wanted to use my own style share buttons for some of my web designs. I have aimed the tutorial at Squarespace websites but the principles should work with any site. Continue reading

Why I was surprised by Social Quant Twitter Growth Tool


I had previously tried a free trial of one of these services promising to get ‘Real’ ‘Quality’ Twitter followers for your business account and I must say that I was not really satisfied with the results. That is until I signed up with Continue reading

Which Social Media Platform to Use for Your Business


More and more platforms are being introduced to the market and it is hard to know which platform to use to get the best engagement for your business. I have looked at statistics and used my own experience to bring together a collection of statistics to help you choose which is the best platform for your business.

Continue reading